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MAW Workshops this February

MAW Workshops this February

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Debra Longin MAW Creative


  1. The Art of Mindfulness Workshops Melbourne
    22 Apr, 2019
    The Art of Mindfulness Workshops Melbourne
    The Art of Mindfulness Workshops.  Bring focus and rest to your busy mind and enjoy being in the moment through art making. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Our workshops are fun easy and for absolutely everyone, even if you don’t think you are good at art. We have public events that you are welcome to enjoy that can be found in unique and beautiful locations around Melbourne. Check out our events on www.eventbrite.com.au/o/maw-creative-16597522029 If you would like a private events
  2. EOY The Art of Mindfulness
    19 Dec, 2018
    EOY The Art of Mindfulness
    Thank you! Thank you to the wonderful team at Here Kere Green and The Fitzroy Garden Visitor Centre for making the last MAW Watercolour Workshops such a success. What a beautiful space and what an amazing group of talented and thoughtful art makers. A great end to 2018. See you in the New Year
  3. Christmas Special - Gift making in the Fitzroy Gardens Cafe
    06 Dec, 2018
    Christmas Special - Gift making in the Fitzroy Gardens Cafe
    The Art of Mindfulness: Watercolour & Drawn Gift Card Making Looking for the perfect gift and cards? Why not Make your own! Draw and Watercolour Paint Gift Cards for the perfect unique gift. Get in touch with your inner creativity and find mindfulness through art making. Be inspired and rejunevated by the surrouning majestic trees: BRANCH OUT with SOMETHING NEW. WHEN: Drop in anytime between 12-2pm for 20 minutes or stay an hour.  WHERE: Kere Kere Cafe is a short 6 minute walk from Spring
  4. Being creative makes you smile
    06 Dec, 2018
    Being creative makes you smile
    Art making makes you feel great. Art making makes you smile The results are in from our creative wellbeing session at OWNWORLD in Collingwood. When comparing stress levels before and after a couple of hours off watercolour art therapy the feedback showed stress levels has reduced by an amazing 70%. Take a look for yourself. Kristy summed it up so well: "Its a whole different type of focus. It"s a focus on the moment and on what is in front of you." “Even my whole body felt more relaxed”
    05 Sep, 2018
    PAINT SPRING FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOUR Bookings: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-break-watercolour-flower-power-tickets-49883288258 Take time out at lunchtime to re-energise with the art of mindfulness. The basics of watercolour are explained at the beginning of the session which you can then experiment with and use to create your own unique paintings. Lunchtime painting will help bring calm to your mind in the middle of your day with the immersive colour and movement of watercolour.  This is
  6. An image of The Art of Mindfulness - Mindful in May at the Village at NAB
    13 Jun, 2018
    Take a Make Break with Watercolour Painting  Bring mindfulness into your day with painting, refresh and reduce your stress levels with art making. A relaxed lunchtime session that you can drop in and stay for as little or as long as you would like to. This is Art making made very easy and all are materials provided. You don’t need to spend time setting up or packing up, simply have fun and unwind.  The basics of watercolour are explained for beginners at the beginning of the session which you
  7. What's your Story
    03 Jun, 2018
    What's your Story
    There is an incredible sense of sharing and community at the WeTeachMe Masters Series on Wednesday evenings. Each week a different story is told and precious insights revealed. I always come away feeling incredibly energised and motivated. Wayne and Kym’s enthusiasm is very contagious. It encouraged me to want to contribute. Stress is something I know all too well so when the “Stress, Start ups and Mindfulness” came up I knew it was time for me chip in. I was VERY nervous (ironically
  8. Colourful storytelling
    23 Feb, 2018
    Colourful storytelling
    The last Make Break was an opportunity to take inspiration and to take the time to observe. We looked and the incredible multitude of colours you can find in a single leaf and captured these thoughts and feelings in watercolour. If you’d like to explore the idea of colour and place. c;sI highly recommend "Local Color: Seeing Place Through Watercolor" by Mimi Robinson Come along to the Make Break sessions to try out painting for relaxation yourself. The last class for this series is this
    15 Feb, 2018
    Painting for relaxation. ​ Art is for Everyone I was chatting to a friend and we both remembered having a great time as kids learning sport, drama, reading and art. Why is it that we continue with all of those things in our lives in one way or another, but think we are unworthy of art making.  45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, irrespective of what you actually create. It’s also pretty incredible that someone who can afford almost anything chooses self